Int'l game show Ba Ba Boom airs on Eat Bulaga

2waytraffic International, a Dutch distributor, has sold its listening skill-based game show format, Ba Ba Boom, to local company Tape in the Philippines for 65 installments slated to air on the world's longest-running noontime show, Eat Bulaga, aired on GMA-7.

The format is simpler than any show that requires talent or knowledge. Featured in the game show are ten models standing behind the Ba Ba Boom table. Their gloves-worn hands are placed flat on the surface. Three of those hands hide three coins. The objective is simply to have the contestants eliminate the hands without coins.

In unison, the models bang their hands twice with their fists and once with their hands lying flat on the table for everyone to hear.

The contestants and the viewers can hear the sound of the coins clinking on the table.

Using the sound, the contestant must slowly eliminate the hands that have no coins. If they get rid of a coin, then they lose the game. But if they eliminate all of the empty hands, they win the pot prize.

Developed by Sony Pictures Television International-owned 2waytraffic, Ba Ba Boom is shown in 23 countries across three continents.


Anonymous said...

wow! ayos! di ko pa yan napapanood ah! hakhak! mapanood nga! amp! hindi na kasi ako updated sa EB! mukhang masyaaa!

Vladimir Buendia said...

@blak3nwayt - masaya naman siya. i like the bababoom girls.

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